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Luckily, both my wife’s parents and mine are hale and healthy, but the rest of this? I fucking do it. In my house, parenting is a 2 person job.

"By the time many of you have arrived at the office in the morning, you’ve already changed diapers, packed lunches, run after school buses, dropped kids off at daycare, taken care of an aging loved one and maybe even thought about dinner," MacKay said of the moms in a staff-wide memo that went out to thousands of employees before Mother’s Day.

The email didn’t get much reaction internally until the Father’s Day version arrived a month later.

It made no mention of any household duties, but said the men were “shaping the minds and futures of the next generation of leaders.”

"… Needless to say, it can also be daunting to consider the immense and life-long influence we have over our children," MacKay wrote. "Our words, actions and examples greatly mould who they will become.

This “Just tell everyone not to drive” approach to Transportation Management just does not work. I live near Bluesfest, and whenever anyone asks me where the best place is to park, I always tell them to take OC Transpo. And they never listen! They always come back the next day and say “I had to park a mile away!” as if that was somehow a shock, as if I hadn’t told them that exact thing would happen.

People from Kanata, or Barrhaven, or any suburb, are convinced that the car is the fastest, easiest way to go anywhere and it is impossible to convince them that this is not the case.

WTF Presto?!

You have got to be fucking kidding me. #prestosucks

Dear Matthew Rose, Thank you for your inquiry. Our records show that your autoload contract was terminated on June 6, 2014. Please tap your card on a Presto device to complete the termination to the card and a reverse load of 20.00 will apply. Twenty four hours after your tap you can establish a new contract online. A tap is required 24 hours later to complete the new contract.

Holy Crap does the City of Ottawa ever get it right on this one

As one of the few remaining residents of Lebreton Flats, and one who is both an avid cyclist and the owner of 2 dogs, I have 2 big problems with my neighborhood.

1. There is no way to get from the Western Bike Path along Scott/Albert to the Laurier Bike Path. (Actually there are two, but the official one is to carry your bike 84 steps up a cliff, the other is to ride alongside trucks up a 10+% grade on Bronson)

2. There is no official fenced in dog park within walking distance. The OCDSB has done a fantastic job of creating a space in the field next to the old Ottawa Tech High school, but it doesn’t have a proper door, and I feel extremely nervous bringing my dogs knowing that they could easily escape.

In one fell swoop, the city is promising to fix both of them.

From East West Bikeway Connection – New Multi-use Pathway

To provide connectivity between the Laurier Avenue bike lane and the existing Multi-Use Pathway running along the north side of Albert Street, an off-road cycling and pedestrian facility will be provided as illustrated at links A and B on the map.


The new multi-use pathway will run alongside and through the existing pet-friendly field area on OCDSB grounds. Improvements will include a fence, southern access with spring-return gates. This area will be slightly reduced to 70 per cent of its current size.

I normally think of the City of Ottawa Planning Department as “A wretched hive of scum and villainy” but this is an absolutely brilliant Kudos to whoever came up with this plan, and may it be implemented as soon as possible.

This is a terribly geeky video, and only a few people I know will watch 5 minutes of it, let alone the full hour, but if you’re interested in the history of Solaris, or wondering what the origins of stuff like Illumos, OpenIndiana, and SmartOS, or if you really hate Oracle (There’s a section from about 34:00 to 39:00 that’s for you guys), this is definitely an interesting talk

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Mr. Cairo 5 hours ago
It's been awhile since I read such an interesting, thoughtful column in the Globe. It wouldn't do any harm if the Globe's great resident know-it-all on any given topic (Margaret Wente) were to read this piece and think about the value of sometimes admitting "The information just isn't all there yet: I'm still sorting things out in my mind."
Mark Shore 3 hours ago
Perhaps Wente will pass on her fresh and deeply original insights into risk, uncertainty and decision-making once she reads Gardner's books.
Just once instead of seeing “Beautiful with or without make-up!” I’d like to see “Smart no matter what I do or do not put on my face!”
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The voices in your head
10:22:03          xheliox | I don't know! 
10:22:05          xheliox | Do you?
10:23:05          xheliox | Yeah, that's what I thought!
11:42:34             mock | xheliox: who are you talking to?
11:42:44          xheliox | mock: No one.
11:42:57             mock | xheliox: you do realize the voices inside your head don't have irc accounts, right?